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Roof Dormers and Leaks

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Why Do My Dormer Windows Leak?

Dormer windows are a desirable architectural addition to a house that can enhance its appeal and character. Nevertheless, they can become problematic when they start leaking. If you have observed water seeping through your dormer windows, it is crucial to address the issue without delay to avoid harm to your roof and interior. This article will delve into the reasons behind dormer window leaks, compare their leakage tendencies to other windows, and offer useful solutions to the problem.

What is a Dormer Window?

A dormer window is a structural element that protrudes from the sloping side of a roof, creating additional headspace and natural light within an attic or upper-level room. It is a vertical window that is set vertically on the roof, with a small roof section known as a dormer cheek or dormer wall. Dormer windows are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a building by providing architectural interest, improved ventilation, and increased usable space.


To better understand why dormer windows may leak, it’s helpful to know their structure. Dormer windows are commonly installed on the sloping side of a roof, providing more space and light in upper-level rooms or attics. They feature a vertical window that protrudes from the roof and a sloping roof section called a dormer cheek or wall.

Common Causes of Dormer Window Leaks

Flashing refers to the metal strips or sheets used to protect vulnerable areas of a roof, such as joints and intersections. Improper or deteriorating flashing around dormer windows can lead to leaks. Over time, weather exposure, shifting, or inadequate installation can cause flashing to crack, corrode, or come loose, allowing water to penetrate.

If your dormer windows were not installed correctly, it could contribute to water infiltration. Improper sealing or gaps between the window frame and the dormer structure can allow rainwater to seep inside.

The roofing material used on the dormer cheeks may be another culprit for leaks. Damaged or worn-out shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials can create openings for water to enter.

Gutters play a crucial role in diverting water away from your roof and windows. When gutters become clogged with debris, water can overflow and find its way into your dormer windows.

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Do Dormer Windows Leak More Than Other Windows?

Although dormer windows are more susceptible to leaks than regular windows due to their distinct placement on the roof and design, it would be misleading to claim that they are always more leak-prone. The probability of leaks mainly hinges on the installation quality, regular maintenance, and reliability of the materials employed.

Dormer windows that are installed and maintained properly are unlikely to have excessive leaks.

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Solving the Problem of a Leaking Dormer

If you’re dealing with a leaking dormer window, here are some steps you can take to address the issue:

Please inspect the flashing on the dormer window thoroughly, checking for any signs of damage, detachment, or corrosion. In case you find any problem, it is recommended to seek help from a Roof Repair Texas professional or replace the flashing if required.

Make sure that the window is installed correctly and sealed tightly. Check for any spaces between the window frame and the dormer structure. To avoid water leakage, use a high-quality waterproof sealant around the edges of the window.

Please check the condition of the roof material on the dormer cheeks. If you find any cracked, missing, or damaged shingles, make sure to replace them as soon as possible to avoid any potential leaks.

To avoid water overflowing onto your dormer windows, make sure to clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts on a regular basis. Be sure to remove any debris and check for clogs that could be obstructing proper water drainage.

If you’re unable to identify the cause of the leak or if your own repair attempts fail, it’s recommended to seek assistance from a professional. A qualified Roof Repair Texas professional or window specialist can carry out a comprehensive inspection, determine the root cause of the problem, and provide the required repairs or replacements.

Remember, addressing a leaking dormer window promptly is crucial to prevent further damage to your roof structure and interior. Regular maintenance and proactive repairs will help keep your dormer windows in optimal condition, ensuring a watertight and comfortable living space.


While dormer windows can be susceptible to leaks, they are not inherently more prone to leaks than other windows. Leaks in dormer windows are often caused by issues such as flashing problems, poor window installation, roofing material deterioration, or clogged gutters. By taking proper maintenance measures and addressing any problems promptly, you can resolve dormer window leaks and maintain a dry and secure living environment.

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Tips for Roof Repair: Find and Fix a Leaking Roof

If you have a leaking roof, it’s important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your home. Even a small leak can cause significant harm over time. Here are some tips to help you locate and fix the source of the problem:

To stay safe while fixing your roof, follow these steps: use a strong ladder, wear protective gear, and work on a dry day. If the roof is too steep or the damage is significant, consider hiring a professional Roof Repair in Texas.

Finding the source of a leak can be difficult because water can travel along different structures before entering your home. To locate the leak, check the inside of your home for signs of water damage such as stains, dampness, or mold on the ceiling or walls. Follow the trail of these signs to the highest point on the roof to determine the general location of the leak.

To find the source of the leak, examine the roofing materials in the approximate area where you suspect it is coming from. Check for any shingles, tiles, or roofing membranes that may be cracked, missing, or otherwise damaged. Be sure to give extra attention to spots around chimneys, vents, skylights, and other areas where the roof may have an opening as these are likely places for leaks to occur.

To prevent water from seeping through vulnerable areas in the roof such as joints, chimneys, and skylights, metal strips or sheets called flashing are installed. It is important to inspect the flashing for signs of damage, gaps, or corrosion. Sealants used in these areas may break down over time, so it’s essential to check for cracks or gaps in the sealant and replace or reapply as needed.

Regularly cleaning your gutters and ensuring downspouts direct water away from your home’s foundation can prevent water backup, leaks, and infiltration under the roof caused by clogged gutters and downspouts.

It is important to quickly repair or replace any damaged shingles, tiles, or roofing membranes. Individual missing or broken shingles can be replaced, but larger damages may require professional help. Ensure that the new materials are securely installed to prevent any future leaks.

In some cases, applying roof sealant can help temporarily fix minor leaks. Choose a high-quality waterproof sealant suitable for your roofing material and apply it to the damaged area according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, keep in mind that sealant is not a long-term solution, and professional repairs or replacement may be necessary.

If you’re unsure about the extent of the damage or unable to locate the source of the leak, it’s advisable to consult a professional roofer. Experienced roofers have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to identify and repair roof leaks efficiently. They can also provide guidance on preventative measures and recommend any necessary roof maintenance or replacement. Remember, addressing a leaking roof promptly is crucial to prevent further damage to your home. Regular roof inspections and maintenance can help identify potential issues early on, saving you from costly repairs down the line.

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