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Your roof is not only a shelter but also a complex working system. It has the important tasks of shedding rain, keeping wind and snow out, protecting your home, and allowing proper air circulation. Despite being constantly exposed to the elements, your roof handles all these tasks. You can take care of your roof by having it inspected regularly.

If you need a Westlake Roof Inspection company, make sure to choose one that offers high-quality services. While there are many roofing companies in Texas that claim to be excellent, our locally owned and operated establishment has been providing top-notch roof inspections to the area for several years. Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with our services, which include Westlake roof replacement, leaky roof repair, and installation. If you’re a property owner in Westlake and need superior roofing services, our team of experts is here to help. If your roof has been damaged due to weather or hail, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a roof inspection.

Hart Roofing & Construction’s home inspectors specialize in inspecting different types of roofing materials that are commonly used in homes, which include asphalt shingles, metal, slate, tile, flat roof, and stone-coated steel. They are also well-versed in commercial roofing, specifically examining flat or pitched roofs, and have extensive knowledge about various types of commercial roofing materials, such as rubber rolled roofing, EPDM, PVC, TPO, bitumen, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing.

If you don’t already have a regular inspection and maintenance plan, we can help. Or if you have a roof leak, give us a call!

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Residential Home Roof Inspection Westlake, TX Hart Roofing & Construction

Recommended to have your roof inspected at least once or twice each year!

Westlake property owners recognize the significance of conducting a comprehensive roof inspection to identify potential damage to their roofs. If you’re a homeowner searching for ways to save money, consider reaching out to our roofing contractor in Westlake, TX, Hart Roofing & Construction. We offer complimentary Inspection and other roofing services that could help you save money.

Hart Roofing & Construction has been providing roofing services in Westlake and DFW. If you’re on our inspection page, you’re probably looking for a trustworthy and the best roofing company that will inform you about your roof’s condition and any necessary roof repairs. We recommend scheduling a roof inspection with our Westlake Roof inspection team.

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Precise Westlake Roof Inspections and Why Is it Important

Identifying the causes of repairs before they are needed can result in a longer lifespan for your roof, better insulation for your home, evaluation of invisible damage, and prevention of minor problems being ignored. Assistance is also available for insurance claims, and you’ll become better informed about recognizing water damage, which ultimately saves you money in the long run.

It’s important to understand that hiring a professional roofing contractor for an inspection has more advantages than you can accomplish on your own, even if there are concerns with your roof. The cost of the inspection is outweighed by the benefits, and having a professional with the right skills and experience will ensure a thorough job.

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How Often Should You Schedule a Westlake Roof Inspection?

It is commonly accepted that regular maintenance is necessary to keep a home in good condition. Homeowners also understand the importance of conducting an inspection when buying a property. However, some may not realize that it is equally important to conduct an annual inspection. Neglecting yearly inspections could result in overlooked issues which may lead to significant damage in the future. Hart Roofing & Construction suggests that homeowners should consider scheduling annual inspections for their homes.

How much does a Westlake Roof Inspection Cost?

*Note: Hart Roofing & Construction property inspections are complimentary.

A roof inspection may be required for various reasons, such as finding a roof leak or checking the overall performance of your roof. Additionally, you may need to get a quote for a new roof. Roof inspection costs vary between different roofing contractors, so it is difficult to give an exact cost. Like other cost-related aspects of the roofing industry, pricing varies from company to company.

There are some companies that require a service fee for overseeing and monitoring a roof leak, and then you’ll have to pay for the repair costs separately. On the other hand, if you want to have your roof replaced, some companies such as Hart Roofing & Construction offer a complimentary roof inspection and provide you with a quote for free. Nonetheless, keep in mind that each roofing company operates differently, so the cost of a roof inspection will vary depending on the contractor you choose.

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The Purpose of Westlake Roof Inspections

It is highly recommended for homeowners to schedule periodic roof inspections to ensure the health and absence of damage to their home’s roof and exterior. This practice is especially important for those who suspect roof damage.

Just like an annual check-up with a doctor, a roof inspection serves as the best preventive measure for maintaining the well-being of your home’s roof. In some cases, more frequent inspections may be required, and scheduling the initial appointment is the best way to determine this.

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Expectations During Roof Inspection Westlake, TX

We start our roofing projects by performing a roof inspection using advanced tools to assess the condition of your Westlake roof. After completing the roof inspection service, the roof inspectors will offer a detailed report of their findings, including necessary repairs. This report can help you make informed decisions about the best course of action. Additionally, they may identify any damage to the rest of the house without needing to take you onto the roof.

Every business has its own reporting system and if you’re getting a home inspection for insurance reasons, the insurance company will have its own report too. The report will consist of information about the condition of the roof, any repairs that are recommended, installation, and other roofing solutions, any concerns about roof failure, and an estimation of how long the roof will last or if maintenance will be required. After they finish inspecting the roof, they will let you know what issues they may have found. It is essential to note that the expenses may vary depending on the situation.

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Trusted Westlake Roof Inspections for both Residential and Commercial Properties

It is recommended to hire a professional and trusted roofing contractor like Hart Roofing & Construction for a faster process and cost-saving benefits. They can provide a thorough inspection and offer roof repair recommendations if any damages are found.

If you require a roof inspection in Westlake, Hart Roofing & Construction offers this service. Our licensed and certified roof inspector can thoroughly assess your residential or commercial roof's present condition from top to bottom. Regular roof inspections can detect issues early on, preventing further damage to your home or commercial building.

To get a free inspection or speak with an experienced roofing contractor from Hart Roofing & Construction Westlake, TX, please call us at 844-202-HART or email us today.

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Hart Roofing & Construction, The Right Roof Inspection Company in Westlake

Are you spending hours or days searching for the right roof inspection company in the DFW area? Don’t waste any more time and call your trusted Westlake roofing contractor. Hart Roofing & Construction is a roofing business locally owned and operated in Texas. Our work is fully accredited by the BBB, a licensed member of RCAT, and each job has its dedicated general contractor as well as a project manager specializing in damage restoration and repairs. Professionalism, detail orientation, and excellent customer service are our core values.

We specialize in roofs damaged by wind/hail with full general liability insurance for your peace of mind as members of both the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association and Roofing Contractors Association of Texas hold us to higher standards than most roofers enabling us to provide high-quality roofing products backed up with a transferable warranty when you choose CertainTeed Shingles.

Our certifications include CertainTeed Select Shingle Master, Atlas Pro Plus Gold Select Contractor, Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and NTRCA’s Golden Hammer winner for residential metal roofs in 2022. Additionally, we are trained to be a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator and CertainTeed Shingle Wizard. And what’s even better? We do interior & exterior repairs too so that come rain or shine–you’ve got nothing to worry about! Plus, we offer property management maintenance programs ensuring ongoing satisfaction after completion – guaranteed debt free.

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For Quality Residential and Commercial Free Roof Inspections in Westlake Call Us Today!

Our roofing inspection services for hail damage in Westlake are highly recommended, and we have a proven record of accomplishment of delivering exceptional results. At Hart Roofing & Construction, we are committed to providing top-notch commercial roofing inspection services for repairs and installations, and our team is made up of skilled professionals who are trained to deliver the best possible service. With our years of experience in satisfying and retaining customers, coupled with our excellent roof inspection options and hail damage services in Westlake, we believe the choice is clear. For more information on our residential and commercial roof inspection services, please contact our Westlake office today. We are confident that we stand out among other roofing inspection companies and would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate why.

Schedule your roof inspection appointment with Hart Roofing & Construction today. You’ll receive a comprehensive report on your roof’s current condition, along with recommended repairs and next steps.